Still working on the 4.0 mvc version of this site, and came across a bug. The bug has to do with how I was interpreting the equipped items that a character has, specifically the enchant that the item may have. It was recording the wrong enchant id, but now it's fixed.

Also got the basic framework complete for generating precalculated guild/realm/character data. This allows me to precalculate and store statistic data rather then doing it on the fly which is much slower because a number of statistics require that I look back into the previous weeks captured data set and compare it with the current data set for the week.

I know I keep talking about these fixes, and features, but have not added them to the site yet. I'm still waiting for my hosting provider to support 4.0. Once that hapends you will be able to see what I have been working on. But until then as I mentioned in a previous post, updates to this site as is will be minimal.