How much do I hate web development? This animated gif pretty much sums it up nicley.

Sigh* If it's not one thing it's another. The most simplest of things seem to turn into mega projects to get done. I've been coding the site anew in mvc. It is so clean, neat and relatively straight forwards to use. I like it a lot. But it is still new to me and there are annoying learning pains.

Some how my 26k+ list of character names is getting contaminated by a few random names that are gobblely gook. Names that should not be getting through the system and into the character list but they are. It does not affect the site in any way. Any attempt to grab armory data for the garbled character name from the armory naturally returns a no character found result, thus the character is not added to this site.

So there is still a lot of bug checking and validation needing to be done.   *Takes deep breath, pushes up sleeves, and continues with the torturous act of coding.