Certified genius right here people teehee.

*takes big sigh of relief*

Finnally finished all the talent trees for each of the ten classes. I was doing it manually by hand editing the structure and values but stoped for a few days to think about doing it a better way. Had I continued it would have taken me weeks of painstaking editing and verifying.

So I did what any good engineer or programmer would do and build a system that did it for me :P It actually did not take as long as I thought it would to code. The little utility application that I used allowed me to define each talent tree layout, and max points per talent item, and icons etc.

I got the utility app working and all ten talent tree's done in a single day!

One thing I have been thinking about though is that wowtracks is aimed at being a statistics and character tracking website, so I have decided not to have any talent tree building functionality. If you want to playaround with talent trees I provide links on the talent pages to either the wowarmory talent builder or wowheads talent tree builder.