I don't have time to work on this site at the moment and don't see myself having time for the foreseeable future. Perhaps when Blizzards Titan is released with a armory api i will re-purpose the site for that game but for now this site will remain in a state of suspended animation.

The goal of this website was to track characters and guilds, and allow say a raiding guild recruiter to search for players with desirable data.  All plotted out in graphs and statistics. So you could also follow a player or guild and track there leveling progress, achievement, and statistics progression visually. It was an ambitious project one I hope to come back and finish some day.

Below is a few to do notes that I have kept

  1. Need to change where files are stored on wowtracks server during upload then rename folder to date folder. As well as add ability in
    the queue builder app to set the date folder in the web.config file by adding code in the quq .aspx page
  2. Need to be able to specify to save certain strings in the file that is uploaded so not as many db requests are required. Do this by
    adding in parameters to the queue .aspx page
  3. Need to setup a account system so members can register for an account on the site then use there account to upload data using the client
  4. Eventually need to have auto update ability for client app to tell users when a new version is available and put in checking into the
    client app to see if it's version is allowed to upload to the wowtracks site.
  5. Eventually have the ability to allows specific members to make daily captures of guilds. This can be handy for guild leaders/officers who want
    to keep a closer eye on there guildies
  6. Need to add remote shutdown capability so when client app is running it can check to see if the wowtracks site is asking it to shutdown and quit.
    This feature will allow me to halt client uploads at will and allow me to perform testing without fear that the clients will interfere
  7. Need to allow people who use client to allow them to specify what specific characters or guilds they are interested in tracking rather then forcing
    them to participate in the mass download of all realms/guilds/toons etc
  8. Like wowhead's queue when refreshing your toons profile have the system put that new data into a queue. That queue is processed by
    the client downloader as well. The client downloader download and uploads the results to the site and the javascript on the page loops and
    checks to see when the download has completed. When completed the page refreshes with the updated content.
  9. Add in a character/guild rating system so ppl can rate a character on a server for popularity friendliness etc.
  10. Have ability for members to setup watch lists for groups of toons so they can get view and compare them.
  11. email notifications of when a character or grp/guild acquires an item reach a gear score or down a boss etc setup for immediate or only once a day
  12. Watch lists to allow ppl to keep an eye on a character/grp or guild at a glance